Our Partners

We're proud to be partnered with these outstanding organisations

The Bell Foundation

We are the first International School Group to partner with The Bell Foundation on their English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme. We strive to ensure all our schools are Accreditation by Language for Results International (ALFRI) certified. ALFRI is the Bell Foundation's accreditation for international schools, it is designed to provide a trusted stamp of excellence in EAL provision. Several of our schools have achieved ALFRI's ‘Exemplary’ status in all seven categories.

The Bell Foundation EAL programme provides tools, resources, thought leadership and professional development opportunities for teachers who support learners with English as an Additional Language. Through this valuable partnership, we are able to establish leading systems and structures to ensure that all our students fully access our high-quality and ambitious curricula.

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Cambridge Exam Board

The Cambridge Exam Board is part of the University of Cambridge. It offers international schools a globally trusted framework for the education of students aged 3 – 19 years old. This framework has been developed through years of research and experience with highly respected educational bodies.

We work with the Cambridge Exam Board in our schools that offer the IGCSE and A-Level programmes. These students gain recognised qualifications that open doors to appealing international opportunities.

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94% of UK curriculum teachers use the TES website and associated online channels, to research international teaching vacancies. We work with TES to ensure that we attract the best teachers of the UK national curriculum for our schools that follow the British National Curriculum.  

As well as using TES to find and apply for jobs, teachers of UK nationality access TES’s extensive library of webinars, articles, and training courses to expand their knowledge and further their careers. We also use 'TES development' across our schools to access their best-practise materials for training on safeguarding and to follow safer recruitment guidelines.

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Qatar Airways

We are partnered with Qatar Airways to deliver and run Oryx International School, Doha.

Launched in 2016, Oryx International is a facility-rich, five-star school exclusively for the use of Oryx Airways employees. The outstanding school’s mission is to deliver an engaging, value-rich, broad and balanced 'British International Education Programme' delivered by highly qualified and experienced UK curriculum teachers.

Learn more about Oryx International School Visit the Qatar Airways website

Independent Schools Inspectorate

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) is appointed to inspect independent schools in England and British schools overseas. The ISI is accountable to the UK Government’s Department for Education and is independent of the schools it inspects. The UK Government's inspection scheme for British international schools is referred to as BSO.

Through this partnership, our goal is to have all our schools ISI inspected. This will enable us to compare them to other leading independent schools overseas, and premium private schools in England. This benchmarking helps us ensure our schools are always of the highest quality and offers quality assurance to others.

Learn more on the ISI website

United Development Company

United Development Company (UDC) is a leading Qatari public shareholding company with a mission to identify and invest in long-term projects contributing to the growth of the State of Qatar 

Orbital Education partnered with UDC on United School International, a thriving Doha-based school that launched in August 2022 and has since earned an outstanding reputation within the local and expatriate community.  

Learn move about UDC Visit the United School International website

Pearson edexcel, also known simply as Edexcel, is a British examination body formed in 1996. Edexcel is used by over 200 countries worldwide to regulate school examinations under the British Curriculum.

Pearson are the UK's largest awarding body, they are regulated by Ofqual in England, SQA Accreditation in Scotland, CCEA Accreditation in Northern Ireland and Qualifications Wales in Wales. They offer academics that are globally recognised and benchmarked, with educational excellence.

Academic qualifications include Edexcel GCSE, Edexcel A level, International GCSEs and Edexcel Certificates.

Pearson Edexcel

Visit Pearson Edexcel Website

International Baccalaureate

Several Orbital Education schools follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes. 

IB is a globally recognised programme, designed to develop well-rounded, caring, knowledgeable and self-motivated students. The IB programme gives schools an international reputation for excellence and quality. 

Several of our schools follow IB programmes, either for students in exam years, or right through from Primary years to graduation.

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Knotion Education Curriculum

We are partnered with Knotion to deliver a STEM-based curriculum in Britt Academy, Playa del Carmen.

Knotion, ‘Knowledge in Action’, redefines the concept of learning by merging technology with scientific understanding and emotional consciousness for an integrated approach. Students gain a rounded education that provides them with skills for life.

The bilingual and interactive platform sets students ‘challenges’ to which they provide real-world thinking and solutions to demonstrate their skills.

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Duke of Edinburgh, International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh award (DofE) is a highly regarded award, non-formal education and learning framework that helps young people find their passions, purpose and place in the world.

It is renowned for cultivating essential skills including leadership, teamwork, and communication. The journey to the Gold Award entails rigorous physical challenges and a substantial dedication to volunteering.

Orbital Education Students in Britannica International School Budapest, were among the first in Hungary to receive the DofE Gold award.

Learn more about DofE International Award

Council of International Schools

The Council of International Schools (CIS) is a membership community of more 1300 educational institutions, across 123 countries. Our school's CIS membership connects students with top universities. CIS also supports the hiring of high-quality educators and provides professional learning opportunities focused on intercultural learning, student wellbeing, and preparing for university.

As well as CIS membership, most Orbital Education schools have completed a CIS International Certification, and the plan is for all schools to undergo this accreditation. This provides a globally recognised standing of quality, specifically for international schools. 

Learn more about CIS membership Learn more about the CIS International Accreditation

Council of British International Schools

The Council of British International Schools (COBIS) is the largest premier global association for quality British schools overseas.

COBIS provides quality assurance of the highest standard with their 'Patron’s Accreditation and Compliance'. They also provide career development opportunities for teachers, and other educational staff, through their professional learning and Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses. They promote and maintain excellent child protection and safer recruitment standards and provide safeguarding policies and templates, and via their partnership with ACRO on the International Certificate for Child Protection

COBIS also facilitate inspiring competitions for students and we are delighted that Orbital Education students have won several of these, including their highly regarded poetry competition.

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Eco Green Schools Award

Eco-Schools is one of the largest global sustainable school programmes. The seven-step framework is designed to empower young people by taking classroom learning out into the community, creating action-based learners. Students connect their activities to three or more of the ten Eco-Schools topics which include climate change, biodiversity loss, and plastic pollution.

Orbital cares deeply about the sustainability of our environment and global community, it's our goal that all schools achieve this coveted award, with several schools having already gained this prestigious award.

Visit Eco Green Schools website Learn more about sustainability at Orbital Education


ISAMS, by Iris is considered the go-to School Management Information System and the software currently supports over 1,500 schools worldwide.

The ISAMS system allows us to effectively handle parent and student data securely, ensuring that we are able track key information and communicate effectively with our school community. This includes sharing school and class-related information, sharing event invitations and newsletters.

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British Schools in the Middle East

Our two Doha-based schools, United School International, and Oxry International school, are partnered with British Schools in the Middle East (BSME)

BSME supports a network of 157 high-quality British international schools in the Middle Eastern region. 

They facilitate a partnership between member schools and business partners specialising in educational services, products and tools. They also provide materials, conferences and training courses for schools and educators. 

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Money for Madagascar

Money for Madagascar (MfM) is our chosen charity partner. 

For many Madagascans, education is their only route out of extreme poverty, yet for many students, something as simple as a lack of clean water to wash their hands with, or drink, and a lack of nutritional food can block them entirely from receiving an education. 

We support MfM's 'Education for Life' programme because we believe that education for all should be a right, not a privilege and MfM are working extremely hard to make this a reality. 

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